A couple of months ago, Stoffel was preaching at a church. I went along for support and to listen to my favourite preacher! There was a young man sharing about tithing before Stoffel went up to preach.  As I listened to this man, I felt God gave me a word for him.

Just before Stoffel went up, I asked him if I may share some prophetic words before he preaches. He loves it when I minister with him and was very happy to share the microphone with me.

I stood up and looked at the young man and said to him that breakthrough was coming, specifically regarding his business. I said many other things that I can’t remember and then went to sit down for Stoffel to preach his amazing message.

Last night this young man found me again and shared with me an outstanding story. He said that at that stage when I shared that prophetic word with him, he was in really bad financial situation. They were living behind the church and work was not coming in. He said he remembered how he looked at his wife after I shared the word, filled with hopelessness. They were past desperate and in complete defeat. I would have never said that was his state of mind when I saw him. He was vibrating God.

Last night he said to me that I shared the word with in him November last year, January this year, work started flooding in. They are so busy now and his business is booming! His hope and faith came back and he even shines more!

I love Daddy’s heart! 🙂

This morning, I was pondering on some testimonies I have heard over the years,mine included, and I just came to this wonderful warm conclusion: He doesn’t miss a thing.

While we were living in the States, we were really poor. We were so blessed to be able to go to Bethel School of Supernatural ministry, but we had little money and to buy something was a prayer storm. We never had any money for luxuries. And luxuries to us at that moment in time was as small as peanut butter.

We didn’t even have hangers. One day, frustrated with living with clothes on the floor, we prayed and asked God for hangers. Literally, five minutes after we prayed, we heard someone knock on our door and as we opened there was only this big pile of hangers on our doorstep. We had so many hangers that we could hang one item of clothing on each one!

Later that week, I really craved peanut butter. Again we prayed and asked for peanut butter. Again, 5 minutes later, we heard the knock, opened the door and there on our doorstep was two big jars full of homemade, organic peanut butter! God is into healthy eating too! 🙂

I remembered this one story that my mom-in-law told me. She is a minister’s wife and Sundays are their work days. They did not have a normal family Sunday with the big roast for lunch and the whole family around the table. They were just so busy on Sundays and normally just had a sandwich for lunch. One Sunday morning, during her quiet time, she felt God asking her to cook for her family this typical South African Sunday family lunch. She first ignored it, not realising that it was God asking her to do it. Finally , she realised that this must be Jesus. She then cooked for the first time in their ministry lives, a family Sunday feast. That was also the last time she ever did it. Many years later, her daughter told her that she learned at a very young age that God answers prayers. She prayed once when she was young, for her mom to also cook a family meal like other families for a Sunday lunch.  She told God that if it only happened once for this feast to be cooked,she would be happy. That following Sunday my mom-in -law cooked that marvellous meal and God answered a young girl’s prayer.

My own youngest sister apparently really wanted a nephew. She will be the first to tell you that she doesn’t pray that often, and I only heard her once pray and that was when she asked God for a nephew. Today I am expecting a little boy and my sister’s prayer was answered.

He doesn’t miss a thing.

What testimony do you have? Share below this post on Facebook. Let us celebrate His goodness towards us!


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