Skinny enough?


I have this love hate relationship with Social media. I LOVE social media because it keeps me connected with my friends from across the globe. Relationships are a high value in my life and it is made easier through social media. But recently when I scroll through my newsfeed, I only see advertisements and articles about “how to be a better you! in three steps.” These I HATE!

Sneaky Facebook knows what is happening in your life and soon my newsfeed was filled with articles about how to get your body back after having baby! How to stop a crying baby! How to prevent stretch marks! How to get a good night sleep with a newborn! All these articles’ headings ending with an exclamation mark as if it is really the final solution.

One day I came across an article about how to get your body back after having a baby in three easy steps. Somehow I knew this one is different and I clicked on it:

These were the steps:

1) Go stand in front of a mirror after you gave birth.

2) Do you have a body looking in the reflection of the mirror ? Hug it.

3) Congratulations, you just grew a human and still have a body! Now relax and go love on your babe.

I LOVED this article!

Somehow us humans want it all, but not the changes that come with it. We want the white picket fence, the big SUV, the two and half happy children, but we don’t want the changes that come with this lifestyle. We see them as sacrifices. And the media is playing right into it. It keeps on feeding our selfish “me” desires by promising a better you afterwards.

But what if all these sacrifices are just life happening?

Yesterday, I was shopping  for the prefect crib that guarantees a peaceful sleep! { According to the advertisement I looked at} and as I was reading through the reviews, I felt my boy kick. Then it dawned on me, here I am preparing to make my life as easy as possible for this little person to enter my life and I completely forgot about this perfect little human blessing me with his presence.

We do it all the time! Last week I heard about a lady who is 20 weeks pregnant and only eating yoghurt because she is growing fat and fears it. Why do we do this to ourselves? All these rules about what to and what not to.. All these comparisons, so completely filled with fear and jealousy.

Yes, I am all for healthy living due to a huge battle I had to fight for my health. Yes, I am all for being prepared for this baby to come, as a first time mother, I do not know all things.

But the journey is part of life and not a sacrifice.

This past weekend I had a chat with a grandpa who gave up his career in the UK to be able to be closer to his grandkids in South Africa. He and his wife were extremely successful but his smile was contagious as he describes horseback riding with is grandson. I wanted to honour his heart and said to him that it is so amazing how he made the sacrifice, he then looked at me and said : “Is it really a sacrifice if my heart is filled with beauty and love everyday and not always the luxuries?”

I have an amazing husband that loves every step of the journey and I think I am going to follow his heart rather than all the exclamation marks.

Let love lead as Bill Bennot would say.

Have a lovely week!


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