My mom recently showed us her Easter display. My mom’s creativity is lived through her house and how she celebrates every holiday with a display. It is always elegant and simplistic with just enough thought to speak volumes.

I love Easter and immediately when I saw this display of hers, I wanted to know if we will go Easter Egg hunting. Her four children, who now ranges from 21 to 32 years,still love to hunt those yummy easter eggs. It is what we did when we were kids! Unfortunately the dogs won this year, and every pup will go easter hunting. {treats not chocolates.}

Last night I was in a situation where my heart just broke a little. It was moments before I had to speak in front of a group of people and I really had to fight not to cry in front of this group. I was crying over religion. Silly I know, but religion and God cannot be used in the same sentence. It just causes so much destruction.

But Linda, I thought that Christianity is a religion. Yes, according to those census forms that we have to fill in every odd year, Christianity falls under religion. Yes, there are christians who live very religiously, following what is right according to their understanding of the Word of God.

What I mean is that in essence religion requires, where the Gospel of God empowers. Religion requires us to work and strive to be spotless in front of God, whereas the cross of Jesus bought us free from this toil,while we were still enemies of God, and made us one with Christ.At the cross He made us perfect without any blemishes .

Religion says you are a sinner working to become a saint, Grace { the gospel} says you are a saint living free.

You see, religion doesn’t give freedom, grace does. And if there is one thing that history has taught me, is that mankind fears freedom. We are just so afraid to extend freedom towards someone else,so absolute afraid to see the fruit.

For example: You own a business and your whole life is invested in this company. You appoint people to work for you and slowly your fear levels rise. Why? Lots are at stake and what if they make a mistake! So the only way for you to  know how to stay in control of this huge responsibility is by controlling those working for you. You start to put systems in place to effectively keep the workers in place and you take away their ability to think for themselves. You even intimidate and treat them like children, just as long as they do not drop the ball.

Whereas another business owner comes in with trust. He realises that at the end people are the most valuable asset. He goes at great lengths to put together the perfect team, giving them freedom to develop your business. He sees the natural system that starts to develop  and implement it for it to strengthen the dream team. He listens to his people who come up with ideas and helps them to make it a reality. Why? Because lots are at stake and freedom brings awesome fruit out of the very strong group of individuals that you put together! His business prospers and people flock to work there whereas the first company people leave in the hundreds, completely burned out.

The moment we detect fear in our hearts, control steps in. We want to get rid of the person who is making you feel out of control. We distance ourselves from those who think differently than what we do.

You see, this is what makes the gospel so powerful. God created the human being in His image. It is His dream team but above that His sons and daughters. Then we go and choose an enemy of God to follow and in it became ourselves an enemy of God. Through the whole of the Old Testament, God calls us back, but the gap is just to big. You see, we are dead and He is alive and unless Someone brings us back to life we will never get back to Him. Furthermore our sinful nature keeps on turning our eyes away from God. In the New Testament Jesus comes as the atonement. He who is without sin and full of Life became sin and death, uniting us with Him in His death at the cross, for us to be resurrected with Him in unity three days later, full of life and sinless. He made us go from sinners to saints without our help.

Beauty of it all, He then goes further and says: You are free.

Galatians 5:1 ESV – 1 For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.

No but Linda, you are not talking about sin!! People need to know the danger of sin! See, that is fear speaking right there. Your perspective on freedom needs to change. Freedom means that we are even free from sin and death.

After my walk with TB , I had a new understanding of health. My whole approach to health changed, why? Because I once was enslaved with sickness and now walk free from it. I am thankful to have my health back and will do anything to stay healthy.

Same thing with freedom, if you truly understand the freedom you received at the cross through Jesus Christ, you heart you will be like the woman who washed Jesus feet with her tears and expensive perfume. She understood her forgiveness and her new freedom and it created a act of worship in her heart that brought her back to Jesus.

Just accepting God’s grace in our lives empowers us to live free.

This Easter I pray that we will celebrate Jesus for His work at the Cross. I pray that we really marvel at that miracle! We are so fortunate to have a God of love bestow such an awesome gift of eternal Life on us!

Christianity is living a life of Freedom empowered in you by your Loving God through the cross of Jesus.

Happy Easter!


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