I am passionate about freedom. Knowing myself today, I realised that I have walked in bondage for a long time. Where I came across those lies I believed, I do not know. But by His grace, many of the lies have been brought into the light to be exposed as the empty and powerless lies they are.

I remember a couple of years ago, a dear friend gave me a prophetic word. She described a bird in a cage and that this bird was not singing. She then said she saw the door of the cage is open,  but somehow the bird stayed inside the cage by her own free will.Then my friend said that this bird will only sing once she flies. That bird is you, Linda, she ended.

I was completely offended by this word. I did not want to accept that I lived a life of captivity. That my life is not fully mine.

It was only when I encountered the love of God for me that I realised how important my freedom is as a human. My value is directly linked to the Love of God for me. To describe the love of God is futile when one needs to use words. But think about this for one second: You are loved by a God that is love. He is the definition and author of love and life. He is the ultimate authority although your circumstances may tell you otherwise.That alone must reflect your value.

Today my husband asked me an interesting question: ” What kind of ministry would I like to do without the boxes of religion?”

I was in ministry and had a sense of my calling, but as with all jobs, there are other things that took priority above what my heart was saying. Slowly, my flame for ministry died. Today I minister on my terms and according to my passions and found it way more fruitful than my time in ministry.

When Stoffel asked me this question, I haven’t thought about it for a long time, but without a blink of the eye I answered that I would preach freedom to all mankind by teaching about the identity we have in Christ. Especially to women.

If you want to see my blood boil in seconds then show me a situation of injustice towards women. It can be anything from a male driver showing disrespect to a woman driver by shouting at her about how typically poor driver she is because she is woman to a woman being raped.

You see, I am a powerful woman.  I live a life surrounded by men who honours me as a powerful woman. I do not think of myself as the weaker one and I am not treated as the weaker one. Stoffel and I are equals and just looking back at our marriage I can see how this belief has pulled us through many difficult times. When he was weak I was strong and when I was weak, he was strong. There are no boxes or assumptions from him about how I must live my role. I am completely free to be me and to walk in unity with him.

So when I do encounter injustice or discrimination towards me just due to the fact I am a woman, I do not understand it.

God has been walking with me regarding this issue for a long time. It started when a pastor in my old church told me that I am not allowed to preach because I am woman. That is it. I am qualified and have a voice, but just due to the fact that I was born a woman, something completely out of my control, I am disqualified from something that I feel called to do.

As with all things, I went to talk to God about it. I prayed and said to Him that I am confused, I felt called to preach and yet my society says something else. If this call is not from Him, then He must please remove it from my heart. I want to walk in His will and if this pastor is right due to one verse, then please remove my desire. Then I waited.

Immediately He answered: ” Linda, as long as women are oppressed in the church that is how long it will take for the Bride of Christ to rise to her fullness. “

Then it dawned on me, this is a Kingdom principle.

Galatians 3:28 NIV – 28 There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

The cross did a perfect work to demolish discrimination against race and sexes.

Women have been oppressed for the longest time compared to all other oppressions. It does not matter our culture or race, women always draw at the shortest end and here is the sad truth: we, as women, have become used to it.

If you are being told for so long that you are worthless, then at the end of the day you will not believe that you actually do count. I know of women, even ones reading this post, who have amazing dreams, but due to their believe about themselves, those dreams never come true.

Today I want to speak to the ladies:

I recently fell pregnant with my first baby and this miracle alone told me just how amazing we have been created. Your hormones are all over the place, your organs have moved to make space for the baby and then there is birth. It is remarkable. But even before I became pregnant, I have noticed how different yet perfect we are. We do not need to have children to become significant. We are already significant due to what He has said about us. All humans are.

What you believe about yourself determines your reality.

I once read amazing story of a farmer who farmed with cows. He  appointed a farm manager who was a woman. Under her leadership his milk production went up and the quality of the milk was better. One day He decided to go and see what this woman does with the cows that brings about these amazing results. He noted that she was gentle with the cows as she was moving them from the fields to the barn to be milked. Her gentleness empowered his business. Ever since then all the farmers in the community appointed women as the farm managers.

Ladies, we might look different and act differently than our male counterparts, but we are just as powerful. If you think power is male dominance then you have a misconception of power.

As a woman, we have different insights and understandings, not once being less or more important than our male friends. But imagine a world where both opinions count. Where both voices are equally heard.

My heart is that the church will break out of the box of how women are seen as just being there to be a mother to the children,serve in ministries connected to children or do the administration of church. If you have a heart for it, then brilliant, but there are many other women who have different callings, but because the church doesn’t recognise it due to the fact that they are women, they take it into the workplace or they become silent walkers on this earth.

Ladies, set your dreams free, the world is waiting for it.

Freeing yourself was one thing-taking ownership of that freed self was another.-Toni Morrison


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