I am now 26 weeks pregnant and have my first really bad cold since my TB journey. It is so bad that I had to go to the doctor and am now on baby safe antibiotics! All this made me ponder on my health journey this last couple of years.

First of, let me say, I am normal. I am not this health food nut that will preach to you about every healthy thing on the market. I am also not this skinny thing that is so aware of my looks that it will make you feel uncomfortable. I am also not this fitness junky that has to win in every race possible and get my identity out of  how I perform. I am as normal as could be and if I have to be honest, according to some, I might be overweight. {Obviously I am now, I have a little man camping in my belly.} I love pizza, cake and red wine. Normal, just like you reading this post.

One thing that I have learned about myself through my journey with TB and now being pregnant, is that I have a huge respect for life and this led to a new honour of health. I have said this many times, but you only have one health. So taking care of our bodies are crucial.

I decided to share some tips that work for me out of a normal person’s perspective. Not crazy weigh everything and read everything on the label kind of way, just things that I learned through trial and error:

Here they are:

1) Water:

I am one of those crazy people that love to drink water. I LOVE it. I love the taste of it and can overindulge in it. My favourite little thing to add to water is some mint leaves. Yummy!  I know that for some,water is not the best tasting thing in the world, so it might be a struggle to get this one, but it is no secret that our bodies consists of 75% water. So water is vital to us. It is good for our skin and cleanses our internal systems. When I feel a little offish some days, I start to drink water. And here is my secret that I can say about my experience with water so far: Stretch marks are so far not a problem in my pregnancy due to keeping my body hydrated! 🙂 Like I say, so far!

2) Keeping your body Alkalic

This little secret was shared with me when I had TB. The theory is that germs can’t grow in alkaline environment,so try and alkalise your body by eating the right kinds of food and drink loads of water with lemon juice in. This kept me healthy for a very long time until the sugar craving in my pregnancy.

3) Stay clear of sugar

My biggest struggle since becoming pregnant is sugar. I noticed that when I used to exercise as much as I did before I fell pregnant, I did not crave sugar. So it was easy for me to stay clear of it. Before TB, sugar was part of my daily diet, but during my TB journey, my focus was getting healthy and I started to cut on sugar. I could see the fruit of this decision in a matter of weeks. I never felt so great in the time that I cut sugar. I always have struggled with bad sleeping habits. It came to a point where I could see when I slept poorly is when I had to much sugar during the day. Getting back on that wagon asap! {Fingers crossed}

4) Carbs really are not your friend.

Like I said, I love pizza, and unlike my sugar fall during my pregnancy, I stil stay clear of carbs. Mainly now because it causes heartburn and makes me very uncomfortable, but before being pregnant, cutting on carbs was right up there with the sugar one. I LOVE how clean I felt! I do eat some once in a while!

5) Exercise

I miss this. Before I fell pregnant, I used to exercise as hard as my body allowed me to go. The key here is to enjoy it. I am not competitive and hate working out with someone who is. I always try and have fun. Once again, I did not exercise to be the fittest person in the world, I did it because it made me feel great and kept me healthy. I still exercise while being pregnant, but took it down on the intensity. Note: Athletes don’t exercise, they train. Keep that in mind. The key is to enjoy it, unless you are training for a marathon or something.

6) Listen to your body.

This I learned during my pregnancy. Like I said, I try to cut carbs and when I fell pregnant, I just stuck to my eating habits than before I became pregnant. This combo did not work for ma as I never felt satisfied. Then one day I walked into the grocery store and all I wanted to eat was potatoes. My husband couldn’t believe that I bought potatoes! I never buy them! But only after eating them, did I feel satisfied and not hungry. Throughout my pregnancy, my body would crave something. I had a tomato phase, an avocado phase and am now on my yoghurt phase! I learned to listen to my body. I hope this habits stays after my pregnancy. Your body will tell you what it needs and sometimes it is those yummy carbs! { Did you say Pizza?}

7) Sleep

Get enough sleep. Your body restores itself during your sleep times. Sleep is vital in staying healthy!

8) Pajama day

A couple of years ago, someone gave me good advice during a very stressful season and that was when Pajama day was born. She said that one day of her week, she stays in bed. She doesn’t put any pressure on herself to do anything. Till this day, I have one day a week with no pressure. I do not work, do not dress myself or make big appointments on that day. This day for me is on Mondays. I know that with a kid it can be difficult to just stay in bed, but I think it is the attitude behind the day that really matters. Try for one day not to put any pressure on yourself by trying to meet certain”must do’s”

There you go.. My 8 little tips on living healthy. Like I said, I am not one that keep the rules, and this is born out of  revelation of what health is. Like I said, sugar is my real struggle now, hopefully soon, it won’t be anymore! 😉 But I learned how to take each day as it come!

Have a lovely week!


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