I remember in one of our Bible schools we attended, we did this course on missions. It had our whole class on fire and ready to take over the world! We dreamt big and some of my classmates are stepping into that destiny.

Then we went to Bethel and even more did we experience this overwhelming encouragement to change the world!

We studied famous missionaries’ lives, who had a massive impact in this world. We so easily get discouraged with all the negativity happening, but we forget that there is Goodness in this world. There are people fighting for what is right and expanding His Kingdom. This world is getting better and better each day, it all just depends on your perspective on whether you experience this goodness or not.

Yesterday, I was driving to Somerset West and as I came around the mountain, I saw the view. My heart leaped as I saw all the houses in just one look. There are so many people in a very small span of this earth. “Are we making a difference, Lord?” I asked.

‘How are we going to make this difference?’ is the question.

I can give you a hundred and ten ways to change the world, but that is not my focus today. You can be a business man and give financially towards some or other great cause.Your giving has an impact, believe me, I was on the receiving end before, but today I don’t want to promote giving to the mission field or to the church, I want to promote an answer that you already have.


You already changed the world even before you were born.

See, this is where we make the mistake, we think it is in what we do that makes the difference, but according to God,it is who we are. Man has been created to be the splendour of God. We have been created in His Image.

Jesus was the only one that really did change the world on the cross. In three days, He destroyed the old and bad and made the brand new and good. Ever since then,we as mankind have been invited by Him to discover this inheritance He bought for us at the cross.

You might be reading this at the moment and not feel like you have any value adding to this world. That you have nothing of significance to give or importance to say. Believe me when I say that I know exactly what you feel like. For a very long time of my life I lived like this. My life was filled with strive to be something that will count and recognised by Him and others.

Until one day, while being stuck on the floor during worship, crying out of brokenness and desperation. For just one second I lifted my eyes to Him and then I saw it, I saw His love for me.

That was the day I changed the world,it was when I allowed His powerful love to set me free from all the lies of who I am not and become the person I am.

I became me in Him.

My husband will be the first to tell you that to him I am his world, yet I struggled to give back. I was showered with love and adoration, him sacrificing so much for me.. yet from my side there was nothing. After that encounter with God where I realised how incredibly, powerfully loved I am by God, I could for the first time give back. Our marriage changed and so did my world.

You are the greatest gift to this world to bring about change. You in your uniqueness and splendour brings delight and hope wherever you go. We all can confess that hope is something that we all need.

I want to encourage you to seek His Love for you. My life changed so much since I started doing it. He is not shy to hide His love from you. He gives abundantly!

And the moment you sense His love for you, go and live your life to the fullest. You will be surprised by how many lives you touch.

Have a lovely week!


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