The end of my holiday is one sleep away and what an incredible blessed time it has been. A couple of years ago a good friend of mine, looked at me and out of the blue gave me the best description of me that I have ever heard before. “Stille waters, Diepe grond, Linda.” Roughly translated it says: Still waters, deep waters.

She was right. I am a joyful observer of life and people which means that process is such a vital part of my life. That is why my holiday is so  important to me, because of my desperate need to process. I always joke and say that my year run from June to June. December is wedding season and the New Year passes without any thought on my side about resolutions just because of how busy I am. During our two week holiday in June is when I think through everything.

Again this past “year” was a busy one: We bought our first house, Stoffel started to study his honours degree in tax, my family moved to the same town where I live, I fell pregnant, my business grew, Stoffel and a friend started a new business adventure and we started to minister more at church. Our lives were jam packed, every weekend booked and every evening I was the supportive wife to my brilliant husband during his studies.

So this past two weeks was rest and process, lots of animals, fresh air and husband time.

And this is what I concluded:

Face flat.

I am face flat in front of my God. He is just beyond good to me. This evening I was reminded of a scene in the book The Shack. It was the worship scene where Mckenzie was in a field and Jesus was standing in the middle of the field. Many people came to worship Him in the field. Some were standing eyes closed, others were looking at Him face shining, and some were flat on the ground in deep worship. I always wondered about those ones, till I looked at my life through eyes of thankfulness.

His Goodness is tangible in my life. I do take my eyes of His grace and His anointing and get frustrated with myself,people and with life. But then my heart grows lonely and feels empty. Normally it use to take me days to try and figure out what is causing this restlessness and after days of being lost, I will walk to God and look at Him and in one rush I see His eyes of mercy and compassion and a peace that I can’t explain overcomes me. Nowadays, I know that putting Him first is my life line.

I have become addicted to His presence and worship is the one thing that brings me closer than anything else. Through the day while working, I have my worship music on. Many times I stop what I am doing and that is when I am flat on my face, in awe of Him. That moment I see His eyes fierce with love, I am undone.

This morning God whispered something in my ear that really made me think: “Many people only trust me till they have victory and then walk away, not realising that victory is already theirs and that I have abundance in store for them.”


So to conclude, my “new years” resolution this year is to receive His abundance more, which will lead to a lot of face flat moments because of His Goodness. And why not trust for His abundance? He is the ultimate Good Father with amazing gifts,Who loves to love on His children.

Happy Fathers day!


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