Love is a fire.

This is a line out of a song that is on repeat at this moment on my playlist. Man, I wish I can describe this peace I experience when I am with Him. For someone who loves to play with words, I completely lack in expressing Him and His love.

The only thing I can do is to open my arms and my soul to receive His love in waves of wonder and delirious joy. Love that sinks into every fibre of your body, every corner of you soul. A love that meets the vastness of your spirit and fills it to overflow..

His Love is breaking through.

His Love sets you on your path.

His Love secures you in who you are.

Strong you rise above that which brings troubles. Victorious you walk through that valley, because His Love is breaking through.

His Love breaks through every fear that has placed a block in the wall around your heart.His love destroys the foundation of lies that only steals and destroys from your soul.

His Love sets you free.

His love teaches you to trust. Trust in Him yes, but more to trust with you heart. Trust that life is not this cruel thing playing nasty tricks on you. But that in fact that your life is filled with peace, forgiveness and joy. Trust that your heart is valued and celebrated.

And at the end, all you can do is to give that love away.

May the Prince of Peace be your guidance today.



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