“How are you feeling?” is the question on everyone’s lips this last week. I love how my friends care for me!! I have had two false labour scares in this week with contractions starting, us rushing to the hospital, just for our little man to decide that today is not his day.

So I am home resting and waiting.

How do we feel?

Physically, I am bone tired and HUGE, but that is just pregnancy, so it is my standard answer to anyone who asks.But if we have to give an answer today on your question: We have tremendous peace.

Many times I have wondered whether Stoffel and I are just the world’s most fuzzy head people or do we really think differently.

This last week we watched a sermon three times and I came to conclude that we do think differently. Like for instance, through both fake labours, both of us were at so much peace. It seems that every time  something hectic is about to begin, we get covered with a blanket of Grace. Even when I had TB, we were shocked, disappointed and then peace came. God came and covered and restored us.

It feels like every second of the day, we are being pushed closer to total surrender of our lives to God. Every choice we make comes down to complete surrender. Even this is not this religious, obedient thing, where our will is warring against God’s will. It is just very plain and clear to us that we are loved unconditionally and that He wil provide. We surrender the decision without even question. We surrender in worship, something we do daily, and in the process we are covered by His grace.

I have learned so much of this from my husband. He doesn’t waver. It is an incredible thing to see. Just recently I asked him again how he does it. He just glides through life with so much favour. When there is trouble arising, he quickly brings it to God, leaves it with Jesus and just enjoy God’s presence. And doors swing open for him. He never tries to proof himself or win someone’s favour, he is just proven and favourable. It is as if Daddy God just loves to show of with this man.

You see, it is all about how you think. The reality of being a Christian, and this is the truth, not a nice philosophy, is that we are not from this world. We cannot tolerate any thought that contradicts a thought of God towards us in this life. We are His and His thoughts shapes us. If we go ahead and think like the world and act like the world, then we take power away from the Him and put it in an inferior system. That “power” is your faith.

We all have a measure of faith and we are called to steward it. He has given us everything pertaining this life. We are filled to the brim and overflow with wisdom and power. It is how we steward it that makes the difference. The moment I detect anxiety, I know that a thought slipped in that is not from God. Sometimes I am slow to recognise it, but my husband is very quick to show it to me. It is then very easy for me to get back to peace. I just spend time with the Prince of Peace.

I do not try and cultivate peace out of my own strength. I go to the One that gives Peace.

These last couple of months, I was in the process of preparing my mind for my new journey of becoming a mother and this is how I do it. I go to Him. I listen to Him, I draw closer to Him , I make His voice my main voice and I cannot describe the incredible peace I experience. Yes, I have my down days, but this is where He is faithful again, His word destroys the lies that I believed that led me to this down day and His word lifts my eyes up to Him again.

What I found recently is the more I focus on Him, the less I started to focus on me. I am a passionate person, I am passionate about the gospel and one of my biggest dreams is to preach to nations. Unfortunately I find myself in cultures that don’t believe in women preachers.  My heart gets angry that mere men think that they have control over a promise that God has placed in me. Where they think they can silence women by removing them from the pulpit, they indirectly are feeding a fire that will quickly turn into a wild fire. You cannot stand in the way of God and His ways.

This topic has been a focus in my life for a long time. This inequality of how women are being treated, not only in the church world, but also in the business world, is something I speak actively against and pray about everyday. I know I am not the only one.

Just two nights ago, I had a surreal experience. I come to realise that I made this fight my fight. I woke in the middle of the night with God speaking about Stoffel to me. He really is so very proud of this man and so am I, so we were having a little gossip session about him while he sleeps. As I was speaking to God about Stoffel, I realised that if I die one day and will only be known as Stoffel’s wife, it will be my greatest honour. I said that to God and He was silent for a second.

“You will give up your biggest battle for him?” He asked. Immediately I realised He was speaking about the equality of women. Without a second thought about it, I knew I would and I did. Stoffel will never ask me to give up something, in fact he also gets extremely upset when he sees how men sometimes treat women. But in that second, I just knew, this battle is not worthy of my attention if it steals from me.

I want to end with this: Does not matter where you are at, God’s truth is the way to go. His truth is bigger than your reality and I for one would rather live out of His truth than try and cultivate my own.

May you have a very blessed week.

Linda, Stoffel’s wife and soon to be mother of David.


ps if you are interested in empowering women, Have a listen to some of Kris Vallotton’s teachings at www.kvministries.com.

It is such an honour to have a father like him speaking on our behalf.



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