Notes from a clueless mom: My noisy sleeper leading me to Papa.

My boy is a noisy sleeper, which makes me a very soon to be fit mom cause everytime I hear a grunt from his room, I stand up and rush to the room, just to see the most beautiful angelic face, fast asleep.

Sometimes I have reason to go, my boy struggles with gas and sometimes that grunt is actually a gas bubble stuck in his tiny body. I then pick him up and burp him and then back he goes to the most beautiful angelic face again.

I don’t mind to go with every noise, because the absolute delight of staring at him, is my reward.

It reminds me of one of my favourite preachers, Kevin Dedmon, who always answers his cell when his son phones. Doesn’t matter where he is, maybe in the middle of a sermon, he answers. If he has to travel by plane, he phones his son before take off and says to him that he won’t be available for a couple of hours. His son , Chad, is already in his thirties and has his own beautiful family but Kevin just loves to be there for his son.

This made me think of our Father in heaven. As we grow up we become independent of our earthly parents, and in so many ways we believe we must become less dependent on God as well. 

Last night I noticed that I was brooding on a potential problem for the last couple of months. This problem is not a actual problem but only a potential problem and yet it has kept me busy for months. In the middle of thinking of this, my son, who was sleeping right next to my bed, gave a grunt. I reached over expecting a sleeping boy only to be blessed with the most beautiful baby smile from him.  My heart melt and all problems were forgotten as I played with David for 20 minutes.

After I put him to be bed, I heard God say to me, ” I love your smile too.” That is when I realized that me brooding is the gas bubble and  God is there the whole time watching me and helping me. 

You see, I keep myself busy with potential problems, not realizing that my Daddy has already burped it out of me and now stares in wonder at my beautiful angelic face.

I was then reminded that not one of my potential problems came to pass. In fact I am living a dream life!

We have the Best Dad watching over us. He delights in us every second of every day! I for one am definitely going to enjoy this delight more!

Have a blessed week!


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