Beautifully in over my head

This week my little boy turns 3 months old. So this is my humbled post. I remember how I always looked at mums and just could not understand their “entitlement” attitude.

Let me explain: I once heard a mom say these words in a conflict situation at a store to get her will:” I am a mum of three!”

What does that have to do with the fact that she didn’t get good service?Now I sort of get it. She was trying to say that she has no patience or time to confront businesses over bad service. In fact, her couple of minutes in this store was her sanctuary and it was horribly spoilt by bad service.

Over the past weekend we visited with friends of ours that were at varsity with us. We were talking about the fact that we actually were at varsity, it wasn’t a dream, and had a couple of “those were the days,” moments. My friend correctly said that being a parent is the hardest thing she ever did but the most rewarding.

The thing is, being a parent pushes on one button. CONTROL. When David screams his little head off, all I want to do is control him by my anger. I want to scream back and MAKE him listen to me by using fear. {Scary I know!}

But it doesn’t work like that. The only person I can control is me. So instead of losing it, I calmly kiss his little head and comfort him.

I am firm believer that children has also a right to communicate their needs. I do not like the “children must be seen, not heard” saying.

The biggest challenge for me as a person, is to be honest about how I feel. To be vulnerable. I am not talking about being vulnerable to the world, but to the people that count. To open up and show your emotion is a scary place, it is especially more scary when you don’t feel respected or valued.

So just think, if we teach our children that they have no voice, how will they ever feel safe to tell us what is wrong? If we devalue their opinion, will they feel safe to come and tell us if something is seriously wrong?

If we constantly tell someone to be quiet, imagine the measures they have to take to be heard?

With Papa God it is different. He always hears us and He always talks to us. We are important to Him and due to the Cross there is no judgement when we come to Him broken. We can just come and confess and He will listen.

He loves to comfort and through His comfort and love, He transforms us.

Yes, being a parent is very difficult but I am beautifully in over my head. Loving the journey so far!October 26, 2015Linda Fourie Photography-12


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