I don’t play monopoly. Here comes 2016.

It is holiday time and playing games are part of the fun. One of my most fun games to play is monopoly. I always play as the dog and always aim to go for the high name streets just before “start”. 

It is a funny game, you hold your breathe everytime you throw the dice in the hope that you don’t land on someone’s property where they can bill you a huge sum of money depending on the amount of wealth they have accumulated in their round. If you fall safe you then have a turn to suck your opponents dry when they land on your precious wealth. All the more, you try to avoid jail and paying taxes.

On this last day of 2015 I made my resolution with God. I am not going to give my life up to luck. The roll of the dice determining on who have an impact on my life.. Me or my opponents. This past year, luck took a couple of swings at my life and I could feel the pressure. I in fact did bow to the other voices and walked away burned.

And that is why I decided, I quit monopoly. In fact, I can’t even play monopoly even if I wish,to because I wasn’t created for this game.

We as God’s creation has been created fearfully and wonderfully yet we keep on missing this picture. We know luck is not suppose to  rule our lives and to prevent luck taking over we resort to other practices that is easily disguised in the mantle of nobility. We “work” hard to achieve something . We practice dissiplne in the hope to overcome that what is set against us. We qoute mantras in the hope to stay sane.All this is noble but not freedom.

Freedom is complete surrender. Contradiction? Yes, but with God and His Kingdom contradiction is what brings balance.

You see, the reason why the Pharisees were called by Jesus white washed tombs is because they dressed themselves with the nobility mantle.God gave the Ten Commandments in the Old Testament as a school master for us to see that we need a redeemer to be able to fulfill our purpose. What the teachers of the law did then was to add more laws to help them , us, humans , fulfill these requirements,completely making themselves self dependent and not in need of a Redeemer, not realizing  that it never was  on how they lived as dead men but that they were actually still dead and obeying rules won’t make themselves alive.

So they put up as show looking noble but still were filled with dead men’s bones.
True Christianity is surrender. It accepting salvation from God through His Son Jesus Christ. It’s accepting the ultimate gift of salvation bought on the cross. It surrendering self and accepting His ways. And the moment that you surrender, you realize that His ways are all about how fearfully wonderfully you have been created to be.

So incredibly powerful that trying to live a noble life without the grace of God is actually inferior to your splendour. We are His glory.

Today, I was reflecting on the year.My year had a couple of big disappointments and as I relived those moments,my boy looked at me and smiled. I was caught in wonder. With all the disappointments that happend in my life this past year,he is my glory. He is what counts. Him and his beautiful Dad.

And this is true about your identity in God. You are. And out of that revelation  of who you are, steward your incredible power through discipline  and honour.
No more roll of the dice.

The hope is in His glory.
Happy 2016!


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