Recently I read the very popular book: “Eat, Pray, Love.” It is the story of a divorced woman who goes on a journey to find herself.

She starts the book by telling the reader about her friend who did a study on refugees that was saved of the coast from America and how they had to go for grief counselling. The study wanted to determine what it was that really caused the trauma for the refugees. It was with great surprise that broken relationships were the major area that caused trauma for these refugees. Broken marriages, broken friendships and broken families.

This morning I listened to worship music. I have to confess, I had to listen to it to calm myself. I had a very upsetting morning and it is very unusual for how I normally start my day. So I really had to focus to bring back the peace , love and all round warm, fuzzy feelings.

When I go through this kind of journey, I question everything. This morning it is why am I a christian? And not a spiritualist or a hindu. Many of the practices that all these religions have are the same..

But then it hit me, it is all religion.

It is the process of sanctifying yourself. To bring in peace and harmony with earth and mankind. That is why so many religions meditate, fast and whooozaa. It is practices to find the godly in you, the Good in you and show it to the world.Even works based Christianity is the same.

But, I tasted the gospel. I tasted the freedom of the message of the cross.

What does the cross say? “I have set you free from the curse of death. I have set you free from sin, I have set you free from the requirements of the law. I have set you free and made you one with Me.”

What does this mean?

We are already sanctified in Him. We rest in Him. We have freedom in Him

And then comes the big difference that lack in all other religions:

An intimate relationship with a Living God.

It is in His kiss and not in His requirements.


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