Photo Credit: Ilze Louw Photography

It has been along time since I wrote something. My full time job is that of a wedding photographer and wedding season is in full bloom. {Facebook page HERE and website }

There was also a personal/business matter that I had to work through and felt in no way encouraging to type my normal upbeat, God is good posts.

On Monday, I told the story to a dear and close friend and her first reaction was that not only that what happened to me,sad, it was also a big injustice done towards me. My heart leaped, I never thought of it that way. I always thought I was just a bad business woman, but never did it cross my mind that I was the victim of someone else’s injustice.

It made me think. The ancient Greeks had a thinking called dualism. Basically the thinking is when people separate the spiritual from the natural. This thinking have crept into the church world today. We started to believe that we cannot apply christian principles in the business world, because it has no place.

I was taught to have a Kingdom mindset. To know that wherever I go, He goes with me and change happens. My business is just another outlet for God to show off.

Until this situation I was in. I am a loyal person and believe that it is more blessed to give than to receive. And so I gave and soon {not to the surprise of those who are known for their amazing business skills} it came to bite me in the butt. First I was angry, how could this happen after all I did?  { as if my giving came with prerequisites } then I started to work really hard in order to show them who stole that no matter what you do, I can do it better. Then came total unbelief and the sad truth that I have to face facts, I cannot be myself in my business. My morals cannot be applied less I get hurt again.

But, you see, the cross happened not for the church only. It happened for the world. And the church was born on that cross as the significant bride of Christ. This means that His laws trump all natural laws and all man made laws. And it is His Grace that empowers us to live according to His domain.According to His truth.

What does that mean to me as a business owner? It means that my business has access to unlimited resources. It means that I can dream big and trust God for favour. It means that when someone steals, that God restores hundred fold. It also means that I have unlimited wisdom to steward my business to the best of its capabilities.

But the opposite is also true, it says that those who live by the sword will die by the sword. In another words, if corruption and injustice is your way of doing business, then it will only be a matter of time before corruption and injustice captures your business.

Today, I had a time with a close knit group of women. Business owners, moms and in my eyes, superheroes. While they were speaking, it dawned on me: As Christians, we already have a place of victory. We already operate out of favour and grace.. what is to stop us?

I came to the conclusion that true business is not build in your product, service delivery or client contact.. it is build in your mind. Change your perspective and your business will follow suit.

Have a blessed day!


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