Prophetic word for June/July 2016 for the church

It is not often that I type the Prophetic words God give me. Weekly have a chat with God about what is going on in the nations and what He wants to say to the nations. I then pray through the words and release them with God. I then follow well known prophets to see if they hear the same thing, and am always so extremely excited that right across the world , God is speaking the same thing.

This will be my first word that I release out of my own accord but had me shaken to the core and so excited for what is ahead.

End of June I busy with a jog early in the morning when God spoke to me. I came around a bend with music in my ears just as the sun was rising. The sun was so bright that I had to stop to shield my eyes. Immediately the atmosphere changed to that of victory. I could sense that a great battle was fought and won.

I sensed Daddy God say the following:

” My glory is about to shine so brightly that the lost will be blinded by it. My glory will bring the believers into true worship and as they stand to worship Me, their shadow formed by my Light of Glory will cast over the lost and the lost will be able to look up and not be blinded by my Glory. They will then see Me and also turn to worship. My church has entered the time to shine, my Church will not fade away but will now more than ever before shine brightly.”

I sensed the victory of His church and sensed that He will not allow His bride to suffer any longer under false accusations.

I believe as we as believers turn to Him in true worship, He will be seen by those who cannot see Him yet.

Have a blessed week.




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