There is not a greater call than to lay it all down for You.

We owe the world an encounter with Jesus.

Many years ago during my biggest battle for my health, there was a moment when everything that we believe in was challenged. We believe in miracles, we believe in healing, we believe in the goodness of God. But at that moment, in that uncertainty , we doubted.

It was literally a milli-second that doubt entered our minds. Maybe everything that we believed was a hoax. Maybe all the miracles we saw was just an act. Here I am, fighting to stay alive and so many people were praying for me, and hope was very fragile. My husband took my hand and said to me that it doesn’t matter what the cost, he will fly the world to find a cure. He will knock down the doors of major healing evangelist just for me to get healed. It reminded me of the story of the man that was lowered through the roof to get healed by Jesus.

The reality of our situation then was we were in desperate need for the Kingdom of God to be all that He says it is. And we were not disappointed. God did show and He did deliver. He delivered through people, His Spirit and the medical world. I am healthy today .

But that was not the only moment that I needed God to be God. Ever since then we have gone through major events where our outcries were silent to the world but heard by God. And He delivered.

In the middle of an unfaithful world, He was faithful…

He has proven Himself to us over and over again, and this is what really gets me, He doesn’t have to . He is God. I am human. I was created by Him.Without His powerful Grace, this world won’t exists. Yes, it is true. Doesn’t matter what you believe about Him or even if you don’t believe in Him, it doesn’t change who He is. He is the King of Kings, the Creator of all things, The Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the END. He holds the universe in the palm of His hand. And this magnificent God, laid down His life for us.

The King of the Universe, exchanged His thrown to become a mortal human, all for us to be set free. Talk about game of thrones.

With every song of worship, it became more and more clear to me. God is not blessed because I worship Him, I am blessed because I worship Him. He has proven Himself faithful to me, little old me. He has been my biggest encourager, my most Gentle advisor, my most loyal Friend and my biggest deliverer.

With every worship song, and I listen to it daily, I have become more and more undone. Till finally I came to this place in my life where I understand why David became undignified because the arc was back with him. David had the Presence back in his life.I have come to this place where Him and all that He stands for, has become the reason why I am alive.

Yes, to your naked eye , I might be unconventional, I might be a weirdo and I might even ruffle your feathers, I do want to apologise if I made you feel that way. But I am not going to stop worshipping my God.

You see, I am going for the more. I am going for all of Him because what I have now, is still not enough. Wether I sink,or swim,makes no difference, I am beautifully in over my head. { a line out of one of my favourite songs.}

I want to encourage you, for just one second, try not to enter His presence with a way that you want Him to look like that won’t ruffle your feathers. Honour Him enough to allow Him to be Him.

That moment when we doubted, became the moment we have been set free from the fear of man. We passed the prejudice stage and went right into a desperate place of “Oh God anything from You will do.”

He is not finished with us, and we will not stop following Him.

The beauty of it all, His Love is proud to be seen with me.


Have a blessed day.



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