Today marks 4 months without my personal Facebook. The only reason I know this, is because I just counted the months before I started writing this blog.

Last night I thought of my upcoming , solo me, Arniston Spa weekend. Hubby is spoiling me by sending me off to go and relax. A friend from that area,who I haven’t seen in the last 5 months, heard that I am on my way to that side of the world and asked me to meet up for some coffee. It has been 5 months since we last chatted and I am excited to hear how he is doing.

I don’t know about you, but I do think about these kuiers. I play them out in my head, wondering what I will answer when this is asked or that is asked. I want to be honest, but not overshare, so to me, my words must carry just the right amount of weight.

Last night when I was making tea, I went over this question: “So, how are you?” And with all honesty I could say, I am doing extremely well. Nothing majorly changed. I did not get a new house, or a better car . But I did stop going onto Facebook. And it absolutely amazes me the fruit that came out of it.

The best thing is other people are starting to notice the changes as well. One specific couple who I never thought know about me, came up to me the other day and asked what is my secret? I really only can answer no Facebook, but can’t word why exactly Facebook dragged me down.

Maybe it is the constant subtle comparison, maybe it is the lack of bad news that bombards me daily or maybe it is the free time that I have now. What I do know, I am engaged with my life.

Thinking of leaving Facebook?

Here are some tips:

  • I have business pages so I do need a personal profile that can manage those pages. I created another profile and added that profile as administrator to all my business pages. I then deleted my original account and only use this alter ego profile to manage those pages. You have to have some friends in order for Facebook not harass you with ” finish your profile” reminders,so I added businesses that use a personal account for their businesses.
  • I have a twitter account but never go on there. Only reason why I still keep the twitter account is because of my business that is linked to the account.
  • I am active on Instagram. I LOVE Instagram mostly because it is in a picture format. I rarely read  what people write under it. Only if a picture really interest me, do I read about it. I have two profiles, one for business and one for personal use and I keep them separate. I don’t want to follow photographers on my personal account. I follow them on my business account. My personal account is private and this helps me to control who follow me. I found that Facebook became a very public platform, where with Instagram there is still a measure of privacy with regards to people sharing only the beautiful enriching ideas in pictures on there.No political headlines and anti-anything movements. Just peace, calm and serenity! 😉
  • Read a real book. Try it.
  • Get a new hobby. Scrolling on your phone and building your online persona is for some a hobby that requires so much time. Find something else to do in that time. I am writing a book at the moment.
  • Go “old school ” again, by using text messages to communicate or to say happy birthday!

Anyway, let me know how it is going.

To end this post, I will be extremely ironic and share it on Facebook, because let’s face it, you have to choose your crowd! 😉

A Random picture of a fish I took on my recent trip to the aquarium .

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