I only have one resolution this year: To Know God intimately. Since 1st of January that has been my journey. I think of Him often and really starting to quiet myself to hear Him. My focus is Him.

I once heard a great answer to a question often asked by Christians: “Why do I struggle to memorise scripture, but I remember all the best moments of my favourite TV show?”

It is because that what you focus, give attention to, will determine the value of it in your mind and make you remember it better than that what you don’t focus on. So to us Bible believing Christians who struggles to memorise Scripture, it just means that something else in your mind carries a higher value than the Word.

I figured that it then must be true about all things in life, therefore I deliberately decided to choose God first in my day. “But Linda, you are this Christian and write all these blogposts? I thought you chose God all the time?” The truth is I did, but I did it out of my view and need. What do I need at that moment and approached God accordingly.

This year I made Him my sole focus. I seek Him first. And since He is LOVE, that is where I started. With His Love. I am only 16 days in, and already I have cried more than I have this past year. Not tears of sadness, but absolute tears of joy and ridiculous believe that this God actually exists. I have come to realise that His Gospel is to Good to be true, yet it is. It keeps me busy, this whole thing of the cross.

His love is outrageous, and I stand in absolute wonder when I hear Him call my name. He calls me, He doesn’t hide, He doesn’t hold back.

His Love is a real force to deal with. And I am slowly finding myself to become completely addicted to it.

I know when I write these things, people read it out of either their own perception of me or if you don’t know me, just read it out of what they are going through. These blogs make me very vulnerable and I expose myself to so much criticism or judgement.

I guess what I am trying to say is it doesn’t matter, what I am experiencing at this moment with God, just by reading His word, worshipping Him and resting in Him, is more than enough.

I once read a vision someone had of worship in Heaven. Jesus was standing in the middle of this field and thousands of people were standing around Him, worshipping Him, some were standing eyes closed, others were kneeling down, a few were lying with their faces flat down on the ground. I always wondered about those ones. What did they see to cause them to flatten themselves before God? It is the same with King David. What did he see when he danced undignified before the ark of God when it came to the city of Jerusalem?

By the grace of God, I am starting to see.

We are part of a massive Love Revolution.



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