You and hearing God speak

Before Stoffel and I were married, I had a dream of my children. I saw the two of them, a boy and a girl, and I heard their names, David and Carla. For a long time, I thought Carla will come first but seems like I heard that part wrong. My son David is my firstborn, and I am now expecting a little girl. Naturally, her name is Carla.

While I was pregnant with David, I decided that I don’t want to name him David. I wanted to honour his grandfathers and name him after them. So since the moment I knew that I am expecting a boy, I named him Daniel-Andre. I introduced my belly to people as Daniel-André.

Now I know, this was silly of me. God had them named and here I was, going against what God wanted. I didn’t saw the significance of the name and reasoned that the names I received in my dream were only an encouragement that Stoffel and I will have children one day, rather than a declaration of who they are.

One day, while in worship still being pregnant with my boy, I heard God speak about my boy. He is going to be an adventurer and a worshipper. His love will be for the continent of Africa and his joy will open hearts of many to welcome him.

Two days after this, Stoffel came to me all distressed, he really felt like we need to obey God and call our boy David. I eventually agreed with two conditions: We will call him David for two weeks and only the two of us will know this. To rest of the world, he was still Daniel-Andre.

As I said his name, David kicked.

The next two weeks God decided to confirm this. I was teaching at two different occasions on the prophetic. Not mentioning my walk with God about my boy, when two people on two different days came up to me saying, they saw a little boy, dancing in front of God, caught up in worship, just like king David. They felt like his name should be David. The one actually said you named your boy wrong, his name is to be David.

Needless to say, I obeyed and am I thankful I did! David is now 18 months old and all the attributes that were prophesied about him, is already evident. He absolutely loves music and carries a little toy radio with him wherever he goes, he will then press a button and old mac daddy or whatever children song will start to play. He then breaks out into a dance. When we are in the church he watches the musicians and dance in abundance.

He is the most joyful boy I have ever met. Laughing out of his belly with his contagious little giggles. He is a sensitive boy, but so content with his music and joy. And he loves to wander. We cannot let him out of our sight.

The reason why I tell this story is because this is also you. God spoke wonders about you even before you were born. In you are promises that He lovingly released, not for the world to watch in awe, but for Him to enjoy with you. God is a God who is speaking. He speaks daily and I found He actually is not often silent. His words are water to our thirsty souls and all filled with incredible empowering Love.

I know so many of us struggle to hear  His voice. We have no idea why we were created. Let me tell you that your purpose is not a place of obeying a master but rather obeying a Father. Your purpose is set before you for His joy. He loves to encourage you, help you and set your feet on a rock.

John 14:21, 23 NKJV – 21 “He who has My commandments and keeps them, it is he who loves Me. And he who loves Me will be loved by My Father, and I will love him and manifest Myself to him.” … 23 Jesus answered and said to him, “If anyone loves Me, he will keep My word; and My Father will love him, and We will come to him and make Our home with him.

I decided to share out of my own life how I hear His voice.

Firstly, make sure that you have a living relationship with God. In other words, know Jesus as your saviour.

Then, His word is our base as Christians. Read it, doesn’t matter if you don’t understand it, just read it because it is living and active. Try and not seek a scripture that fits your circumstances, there is a time for that, but rather read the word and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the true God to you as you read. I always say to people who are overwhelmed with the bible, to start with John. This book is known as the book of love and that is the first foundation for this christian walk: God loves you. That is a fact and a truth.

As you read His word, you start to see the character of God. Remember, this is a love relationship that you and God have, not a work relationship. We obey Him because of love and not out of obligation.

Then, as you go about your day expect God to speak to you. I always say, if what you hear in your thoughts does not contradict the Bible, then take that as God speaking. Remember that His voice might sound like your own thoughts. I then judge what I hear with what I experience. If I experience peace, love and joy while hearing what He is saying, I know this is God. If you experience fear, anger and anxiety while he speaks, let it go.

Worship helps me tremendously to hear God. I always have worship on in my car, at my home. I am cultivating a heart turned to God. And worship helps to set my eyes on Him and not on what this world is throwing at me.

Lastly, write it down. Write down what you hear, see or feel. When writing it down, you can always go back and read what He has said. Knowing Him, He will always confirm or answer what He has said.

The more you practice to more confident you will become.


But above all, this is a love journey so enjoy it!




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