Our perspective on Reality

Due to being pregnant, I wake every morning right before the sun rises. I then just lay in silence and think firstly what day it is and then I chat to God.

I spoke a lot about 2016 and how that year changed me. Again, reading this, you may have your own opinions on what that meant. But this morning I thought about it, my perspective changed drastically. My perspective did not change about my life but about God. I saw Him.

And oh my word, I cannot express what I see. This is not a weak GOD! So every morning I meditate on who He is. I listen and I pray and through the day I try and stay connected. I am so alive because of this magnificent God. This morning while driving to school, I burst out in tears just because of His Goodness. I cannot express enough on how Good He is.

The thing is, He was all these things since the beginning of eternity but we did not see it because we were caught up on our own perspective of Him. We made our minds up on how old-school He is, how traditional, how strict, judgmental and so much more, but here is a question: Have you asked Him who He is?

Recently I heard another gossip story about me. {Yes, another} I found it so ironic that people have the time to gossip about me and the things they say is really so far fetched. All I do day in and day out is work and be a mum. According to the things I hear, I do much more than that. Well, according to this story I am just short of a witch. 🙂 I say this with a smile on my face. Why do these stories not phase me anymore? Because specifically, this lady that is spreading these lies doesn’t know me. She doesn’t even have my phone number, she is a co-worker in my industry and somehow I came on her radar.

This is the same with God. Why does the world listen to those who do not know God about God? The Bible is extremely strict about this. You judge a tree by its fruit. If a Christian comes across judgemental, and his/her life is a life that you do not want to live, then I can say that this Christian doesn’t know God yet. Bold statement? Yes, because I was there, I had opinions about stuff that I today I will never say it. By this, I am not saying we do not make mistakes, but we do take it seriously when we do. As I journeyed through life, I became less aware of myself and what I know and more aware of Him. Believe me, if you see God, you will walk with a holy fear of God that will keep you filled with love and full of honour. Man, His goodness quiets you.

I have so much respect for my husband in this regard. When he speaks about God I listen, his life testifies of God. When I am upset with him, he immediately comes to restore, doesn’t matter whether I was wrong. I am his goal and his relationship with me is far more important than being right. Now that sounds Godly. He doesn’t walk around all puffed up and say: “woman, submit.”

My biggest wish is that people, pastors, Christians and unbelievers will allow God to be God. We so easily decide for the other person. Let God be God and allow Him to show you Who He is. I promise you, like me when you see Him, you will fall flat on your face and not stop worshipping Him. Not because He requires it, but because you won’t be able to stop it. He is beautiful!

But at the same time, as Paul says, some preach Christ for own gain and others preach Christ out of sincerity, either way, the gospel is being preached. God is not limited to the wrong perspectives of Christians about Him. He is above it.

My prayer is that you will get to know Him, unedited!


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