I met a king and queen.

I always wondered what it would be like to meet a real king and queen. I recently watched Cinderella, the grown-up version, with my son. In the movie, Ella met Prince Kid and did not recognise him. He was very much impressed with this, obviously because people normally know who he is, all for self-gain. But not Ella.

Today the “important” people in our world make themselves known by various ways: their entourage of cars and bodyguards, their self-made palaces and by their titles. Just think of the Joco advertisement of the man who is losing his temper with a flight attendant, starting his threats with: “Do you know who I am?” Her response was classic: ” Sorry sir, I had no idea. ” And then she proceeds to make an announcement over the intercom that if someone lost a gentleman, he is standing with her.

We want people to know we are important and that we count so we proceed to explain ourselves. We define ourselves with our words and actions daily, desperate for the world to recognise us. ” I am important, I count!” is what we shout day in and day out. We use threats, intimidation, connections, money, title, social standing, religious convictions, our looks and even our children to say: ” Do you know who I am?”

This past weekend I met a king and queen, and I knew it immediately. Not because of their entourage or titles, nor by their dress code but because of their presence. They were not “puffed up”. I was shooting a wedding and they were part of the guests, but when I spotted them in the crowd, I was immediately drawn to them. They sat in the back, no arrogance, chatting softly with each other. At the end of the service, they were called by the pastor to come and pray for the couple, and then it all made sense. I saw their spirit man. I saw who they are in Christ. They successfully allowed His truth to penetrate the world around them through them. They carry Him. They carry His authority, His mantle and His Presence. I saw the King of Heaven and earth in them, without them ever saying a word.

That impressed me and humbled me.

Last night Stoffel and I spoke about what I want to do with my life. I always have a new business idea running through my mind. After talking for about ten minutes, explaining what I want to do, I stopped mid-sentence when a realisation hit me. I want to preach the gospel. You see, the Gospel, the message of the cross, transformed both my husband and I. At this moment, I am going through the bible with a group of women, teaching the gospel and after every hour, I just realise again: We are only touching the tip of the iceberg. I walk away from those meetings, fully satisfied but hungry for so much more. There is power in His name and I still only see it partially. I have walked many roads, attended many self-love courses, read many books but nothing matches His truth:

The King of the Universe exchanged His life for mine, He made me worthy to say to the mountain: ” Pick yourself up and throw yourself in the ocean.” All authority in Heaven and Earth has been given to Him and He gave it to me. He made me righteous, without blame, spotless, a priest, a king, a ruler and a servant. I am clothed with power and humility and Love is my oxygen. I am fully alive, fully satisfied because of Him, yet I yearn to know more of Him.

This weekend, watching that couple, I realised one thing: if I believe the above about Jesus with faith as small as a mustard seed, no words are needed to make the lost aware of the King of Kings. Your life will testify of Him through your worship. Nations will be drawn to Him, through you.

I was in the presence of a King and a Queen this weekend, and their revelation of Him changed my thinking. Now that is powerful.



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