The post that will make no sense unless you know His Love.

17 days.

Then she is here. Carla, my little girl. Her name means strength and that she is. Her “home” at this moment is my David’s favourite seat. He can’t wait to get home from school and climb up his whale of a mum to come and sit on his “throne”, her home. King David ruling from above. But she doesn’t only accept it just like that. I then become a punching bag from within as she tries to get him off.

A couple of weeks ago I had a strong urgency for close friends to pray over Carla. I asked a couple of close warriors to please pray for me and my girl.

Then it happened:

It was 3 in the morning, and I woke up because my heart was beating very very fast, my body was on fire and Carla was going crazy in my tummy. Fear gripped me and I had to really focus to calm down. I kept on declaring His peace. I was scared for her. I could feel her fighting my body and the attack on it. After 20 minutes of struggling to breathe, erratic heart beat and a hot flush that I do not wish for anyone to experience, my body went back to normal. All was calm again. The reality hit me. I am not doing well under this pressure.

I started to cry, with tears streaming down my face I cried out to God. I was angry and disappointed.

Then He spoke loud and clear: ” Stand up and come and worship Me.”

3:30 I went into our family prayer room and I worshipped my God.

Because Worship is connection.

I needed to be connected to the Source of life again. I had to feel Him, He is my Shephard.

In the early morning hours, I was filling my soul with the One that has been singing over my life. As He gave, I returned it in worship. Allowing Him to be my God. To be my protector, my salvation, my reason.

I breathed Him in, I filled my being with Him.  And gave Him all the love and adoration I had for this God. He has been there from the beginning of time. It is He who has the final say and He that is victorious.

No weapon formed against me shall prosper because of Him.

My connection with Him causes a connection with my { Spiritual and natural } family. I belong.

After about an hour, I walked out of my prayer room and His presence was everywhere.

My little boy was sick but the next morning, when he woke up he was perfectly fine.

God my redeemer was in my home during a very dark hour of my life.

The God who first Loved us.


adam Cappa



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